Four-Day Black River Harbor Sail Trip

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Private Trip For up to 6 people

Explore the Apostle Island on this Four-Day Trip!

Four days on the water in the Apostle Islands just starts to scratch the surface of the many places to explore, so we do many trips without leaving the islands. For those who want to get the open water experience, one option for a four-day trip is to strike out across the open lake and cross to Black River Harbor.

Additional Information

A sample trip might go like this: Board the night before the trip and sleep in the harbor. Head out in the morning for two days of training and sailing in the islands, exploring sea caves, lighthouses, secluded beaches, and weathered shorelines, anchoring at one of our favorite protected coves for the first night and at Stockton Island the second night. Then very early on the third day, set sail for a 25-mile crossing of the open lake to Black River Harbor, Michigan. This crossing includes watches, navigating, rotational napping with the water splashing up against the hull, and a real feeling of being off-shore and takes about 6 hours.

This secluded little natural harbor is the home only to several fishing boats and a couple of spaces for visitors. After noon, hike up the Black River to the secluded waterfalls and watch the sun setting on the horizon from the harbor. Early morning departure again — late risers can sleep in while we depart — and a glorious 7 to 8-hour sail back to the islands and Bayfield by 2 p.m. This trip could be done in three days with the right weather. However, four days not only provide a better trip with more time in the islands but also a wider weather window for crossing the lake. If the weather does not cooperate, this trip will be converted to a four day trip in the islands, which is every bit as fun.

Meals can be prepared by your group in the boat galley just as easily as in your own kitchen. The captain is available to help with the stove, oven, and grill. It’s easy to plan the meals for your trip, but we do offer the option of having the food on board for you (see pricing when booking). If you are providing the meals, please consider the captain in your food counts. No special food requests need to be considered.