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Sailing School

How to Book

To book sailing lessons, find a trip that best suits your desires!

We had fun learning to sail, so can you!

Each of our day trips & overnights can be individually geared to learning the basics or adding to your existing sailing knowledge. We teach people how to sail on each of our trips and it’s the perfect & easiest way to learn.

Additional Information

Sailing is really very simple, so we cut through all the the intimidating gear, terminology and theory and get you sailing right away. Sailing does not necessarily have anything to do with fear, either. As a student of our sailing school, you will learn the skills to meet all the challenges sailing on Lake Superior will present, so that you can handle them with confidence. We have several different classes that can work together in a progression or stand alone. Dreamcatcher Sailing is not affiliated with any national sailing organization, but the skills you learn can be applied to any other program in the future. After our two part cruising course, you will likely be proficient enough to bareboat charter from any charter company, although they decide on an individual basis.

Contact us to discuss options for more in-depth training.  We can set up a class for your group and can offer Women’s Sailing classes as well.

Who is our school for:

  • People who love to learn
  • People who want to spend most of the time on the water sailing while they learn
  • People who want to learn the essence of sailing, without being overwhelmed by all the gadgets and terminology
  • People who want quality instruction in a relaxed atmosphere
  • People who like to have a good base of skill before going out on their own (and risking their crew’s safety)
  • Beginners who want to explore sailing and master skills
  • Experienced sailors who want to improve their skills with our high level instructors
  • People who sailed small boats in their younger years and want to start again
  • Power boaters who want to learn how to sail (please bring your sailing jokes)
  • People who enjoy the journey, not just the destination

We understand that many people want to learn the minimum needed to go out on their own. We suggest you try one of the fast track charter certification courses in our area, as they are excellent classes as well and would suit you better.

Over the years of providing day trips, we have had many people on the boats who were certified by a charter company, but they either had a bad experience (or their spouses did) on Lake Superior from lack of knowledge, or were just too intimidated to try it on their own. Our school was designed to learn as we all did, a bit at a time while having fun, and retaining it for a lifetime.

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