Water Taxi Service

Dreamcatcher Sailing provides Water Taxi service in the Apostle Islands on our 24′ Crestliner fishing boat. This service will be run before and after our regularly scheduled sailing trips as captains are available.  Call us for more information. 

Pricing is $20/mile with a $50/hour waiting fee if you want to visit an Island for a little while and ride back. Dropoffs for camping, etc., include mileage there and back for the boat and pickup a few days later is the same fee and is not included. 


  • Basswood Island $80 drop off and $80 pick up, total $160, plus tax. 
  • Oak Island $200 drop off and $200 pick up, total $400 plus tax,
  • Michigan Island $320 drop off $320 pick up total $640 plus tax.
  • Otter Island $280 drop off $280 pick up, total $560 plus tax.
  • Stockton Island (try the Apostle Islands Cruise Service as they may have regular service there) $300/drop off etc.
  • Other Islands per way; Outer (south tip) $480, Rocky $360, Sand $400 (see below for fall hunting prices)

If you are flexible, we may be able to combine your outing with another group and lower the price. For fall hunting trips, we can launch at Little Sand Bay, making Sand, York and Oak Islands more affordable. Sand and York will be $175 drop off and $175 pick up, total $350 plus tax, and Oak dock $200 drop off and $200 pick up, total $400 plus tax.. Call us if you are interested. Limit six passengers.

Kayaks $20 round trip extra, over 75 lbs per person of gear will be $20/person extra round trip, deer $50.

Water taxi has traditionally been a money losing business. We are offering our services because we already have a boat available and captains, staff, etc., and there is a need. The area of the Apostle Islands is vast in marine terms. Going out 15 miles one way can be a short trip or a long one, depending on weather. The boat we use is safe, reliable and appropriate for the Apostle Islands and the captains are licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard. Prices are based on mileage from a chart and a set rate.

We are not charging enough to make a profit, only cover costs and provide this needed service. We recommend the Madeline Island Ferry Line for less expensive trips to Madeline Island and the Apostle Islands Cruise Service for their regularly scheduled trips as ways to save money. Our overnight sailing trips and camping by kayak are comparable in price, so please look at those as alternatives. Check out Trek & Trail or Lost Creek Adventures.